How To Make A WordPress Website (A Quick & Easy Guide)

What Do You Need To Start a Website?

To create a WordPress website, you’ll need the following:

  • Domain Name: the name of your website.
  • WordPress Hosting: the place your website’s data and files are stored.
  • Theme Customizations: WordPress themes and plugins to change the design and functionality of your website.

How Much Does It Cost?

It will cost around $100 a year.

Step 1. Get A Domain Name

The domain name of your website is the website address like

You can get the name from or or or as you wish all are good domain registrars.

Step 2: Sign Up for Web Hosting

Web hosting is like a land where you build your house in this case the house is your website. So Web hosting is the most important factor to consider and you should take it from good hosting company so that your website will run properly without any issue.

I recommend BlueHost, SiteGround, Kinsta and FlyWheel, Also A2Hosting is good according to review by others. But I know BlueHost and SitGround is good ones.

Step 3: Install WordPress

Step 4: Select a Theme

Step 5: Add Content to Your Website

Step 6: Customize as Needed

Step 7: Install Plugins as Needed

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