Top 10 CDNs For WordPress

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is ideal for getting your site to load fast regardless of where the end user is located. 

CDN is a network of servers across the globe. The goal is to take your site, distribute it across those servers, and call on it when a local user accesses your site. 

  1. StackPath. An enterprise-level solution that comes with similar-sized pricing.
  2. Amazon CloudFront. It integrates with AWS, so will be suitable if you use that service.
  3. CDN77. This is the only CDN that can work from space! It’s another service that best suits huge networks.
  4. Cloudflare. The perennial choice of users with low budgets, Cloudflare is great regardless of whether you’re on the free or premium tier.
  5. The pricing is better than other large CDNs, but offers less in the way of features and functionality.
  6. jsDelivr. This servers your JavaScript dependencies from a network of servers.
  7. Site Accelerator. Automattic’s own solution is an image and file CDN that’s ideal if you’re a Jetpack user.
  8. KeyCDN. Good pricing and solid features means KeyCDN is a top-tier solution for all users.
  9. Swarmify. A video CDN that works great alongside other full-featured CDNs.
  10. BelugaCDN. This budget CDN is an outlier pic if you’re looking for a long-term and cheap CDN.
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